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Cheese at Bouley Market

Le Meunier has hand-selected these 15 cheeses that will be available at Bouley Market:


Comté d'Alpages AOC 18 Months
One hundred percent
Montéliarde cow's milk and free of additives, the Comté is aged for a minimum of 120 days. It has a nutty, slightly salty, yet sweet taste.

Morbier AOC
This smooth and sliceable cow's-milk cheese is still made according to tradition, with a fine dusting of ash between two layers.

Fourme d'Ambert AOC
A semihard blue cheese that is aged for a month during which time it is injected with sweet Vouvray moelleux wine, which also makes an excellent pairing.

A washed-rind cheese produced at a monastery in southern Brittany, it's rinsed in a walnut brandy and has a nutty note.

Tomme de Savoie
Made from raw milk exclusively from cows in Savoie and Haute-Savoie, this traditional tomme is rich with distinctive herbal aromas that vary by producer.

Fouchtra de Vache
Similar to the Saint-Nectaire, this raw-milk cheese is aged for six months and has a brushed, clean crust. Volcanic terroir imparts distinctive flavor.

Puits d'Astier
Aged on straw, this sheep's milk cheese has a delicate paste and a natural rind. Distinctive for the hole in its center, it's named is derived from the French word for well.

Galette d'Astier
Smooth and melty on the palate, the 10-week aging process allows for salty and pleasantly acidic notes that leave a delicate aftertaste of goat's milk.

Mimolette Vieille
Also referred to as the Boule de Lille, it resembles a cantaloupe at first glance. Naturally colored with annatto, the aged version, vieille, is chewy with a nuttyflavored crust.

Fumaison AOC
A raw sheep's-milk cheese that resembles a sausage, and is smoke-cured in much the same way.

Ossau-Iraty AOC
A firm, classic Basque cheese that has been made in the same tradition for centuries. It has an earthy quality similar to Sardinian pecorino, and is revered as one of the region's finest.

Petit Munster
A 1,000-year-old recipe, this miniature round of washedrind cheese is luscious on the palate with sweeter notes of hay.

Tomme aux Piments d'Espelettes
Sheep--Basque Country
A firm sheep's-milk cheese that is coated in a light dusting of the Basque paprika, piment d'espelette, which imparts a toasty spiciness that enhances the cheeses own nutty, sweet flavor.

Tomme du Vieux Saulnois
A semisoft, washed-rind cow's-milk cheese, it is rinsed with wine as it matures, which helps it to develop fruity notes with hints of mushrooms, grass, and butter.

Ossau-Iraty AOC
Sheep--Basque Country
A light, balanced Pyrénées sheep's cheese with fruit and nutty notes, it's considerably delicate for a mountainous-region cheese and has a thin, tart crust